News Updates

We now have dueling weather stations. You can see the data from both on the weather page. 
We will try to enable some of the cool dials etc on the new one once we work out a bug or 2

You Must Pass the

FAA’s TRUST Test to Legally Fly a Drone in the U.S.

All pilots must complete the TRUST test and be able to show proof of passing to an agent of the FAA or law enforcement if prompted. Part 107 pilots only have to take the TRUST test if they are flying outside of a Part 107 rule.

Webmaster Note : I just passed the test while half asleep.  Its VERY easy, just remember to download the certificate and save a copy on your phone.  Here is link direct to AMAs version of the test

Due to Corona Virus Recommendations:

No more than 9 people at the field at a time. Please maintain 6 feet of social separation.  Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

Upcoming Events…

A few images of members and guests flying before the March meeting.

Reminder: Please ensure you have your AMA card with you at the field and that your aircraft ALL have the FAA UAS registration on the OUTSIDE of your model. It must be readable.

Also add one of the LAANC approved apps on your phone

LAANC app use not required at field as of 11/16/2019.  But having app available for other locations is a good idea.

if you have wider panoramic type images from the field please send them to so we can have some options for background images.